Klarisa Leone, Monroe Valentino

MILFs Like It Black - Klarisa Leone, Monroe Valentino - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: This week we’re exploring the studio with Bugsi again. We’re trying to make it bigger then ever, so we’ve hit up Ms. Monroe Valentino for another “trade”. Brother Jon Jon was down for it and then on top of that Monroe is training a new secretary from the Czech Republic and is getting down on this action! We definitely milked these bitches for a lot of studio time, believe that!

Phyllisha Ann

MILFs Like It Black - Phyllisha Ann - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Today, Greedy starts his first day at Gambler’s Anonymous. And it definitely was a useful session since he managed to get a client from his class. It’s good to see him battling his gambling addiction and banking on his fucking addictions.

Anjanette Astoria

MILFs Like It Black - Anjanette Astoria - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: This week the guys get out of jail after their 3 day stint. Now with absolutely nothing, they have to start all over again. As usual, D’s got some real luck when Lil’Regg shows up in his uncle’s RV. Finally making the team, Lil’Regg and the guys go out in search for a John and some hot bitches. And it starts all over again!

Blake Rose

MILFs Like It Black - Blake Rose - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: This week we got a call for a “gentlemanly” MLB escort. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any one of those around here before so we called in an expert to help our boy Julius. Our Milf client didn’t get much for manners, but at least got a cock full.

Nicki Hunter

MILFs Like It Black - Nicki Hunter - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: The one and only Nicki Hunter, the bitch who never gets tired of cock, is in the MLB building today. It seems all the guys in the crew have bad memories of this psychotic black cock hungry Milf. All the crew except Shane, who volunteers to make a whore of himself take on that crazy pussy!!!

Austin Taylor

MILFs Like It Black - Austin Taylor - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: This week we are hiring new blood. Unfortunately with the loss of Greedy, we have to start looking at new places. Now, were all for equality at Milfs like it black, but when this white guy, Lil’Regg, comes looking for work claiming he’s black, you start to think to your self; how much influence do we have with these white folk? Anyways Austin, our house wife client, was expecting some black dick, and luckily we delivered. But at a cost…

Monroe Valentino

MILFs Like It Black - Monroe Valentino - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Bugsy is working on his rap career and he gets a chance to record at a very prestigious Vegas studio. In exchange for their services (aka a black cock in her pussy), Monroe, the studio manager, will let the guys record for a whole day, free of charge. They’ll be up for a nice surprise when they get there though…

Syren Demer

MILFs Like It Black - Syren Demer - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Looks like the boys will have to answer to a new special request today… Syren rang them up for a little role play where one of the rookies will have to dress like a pimp and pick her on a street corner!!! Instead of pimp-smacking her for her money, he’ll have to stretch her pussy with his brown salami!!!

Kitty Caulfield

MILFs Like It Black - Kitty Caulfield - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: Male talent is always an issue when servicing the amount of Milfs we do. Thankfully, Lil’Regg pulls through for us again with his Brotha Cousin John John. As confusing as Lil’Regg’s family tree turns out to be, the guy was actually black! We put his dick to work right away!

Totaly Tabitha

MILFs Like It Black - Totaly Tabitha - Interracial MILF
MILFsLikeItBlack: We’re starting to pick up steam with Milf’s Like it Black. We landed a gig via one of Bugsi’s records. The Milf called us for some servicing. On the way there we decided to check out the old house. And wouldn’t you fucking know it, fucking house was bought by Mexicans. And they are running Milf’s Like it Mexican from it too! Whats this world coming too?